Thai Royal Massage Courses

Massage classes for both the professionals who want to improve themselves and for those begginers who want to give their beloved ones moments of relaxation and pampering.

We offer courses of:

Thai Royal massage structured on 3 levels

Thai Foot Reflexology

Massage for Pregnant women

Tok Sen massage with vibration and sound

Within the courses, you are also provided with the necessary accessories for each type of massage.

We offer a wide range of internationally accredited Thai Royal Thai massage courses in partnership with TMC Chiang Mai Thailand.

TMC received from The Royal House of Thailand the diploma for the best Thai Royal Massage School.

Thai Royal Massage

We offer a wide range of Thai Royal Massage both for relaxation and pampering and Therapeutic massages:

Thai Royal Massage

Thai Royal Therapeutic Massage

Thai Royal Massage for Athletes

Thai Royal Massage for Pregnant women

Thai Foot Reflexology

Tok Sen Massage

Herbal Balls Massage

The duration of each massage and the techniques used vary depending on the type of massage. For each of the above massages, free Thai traditional outfit, aromatherapy, water and tea are available free of charge. 

New spa with exceptional equipment

The spa is new with exceptional facilities to secure unforgettable moments for you:

2 Thai Royal Single Massage Rooms

1 Thai Royal double massage room for couples

110 sqm course room

Yoga Room

Conference room massage chairs for reflexology

Royal Thai massage mattresses

Asian decorative accessories

During their visit at the spa, customers receive water and tea on the house.

Partners of Royal Thai Massage School - Elena Nastaca


Massage with vibration and sound, ideal for releasing muscle contractions and relaxing.


The facial massage induces a very deep relaxation state, stretches the skin and removes the wrinkles. It is included in the 2-hour thai therapeutic massage session.

Herbal Balls Massage

We cordially welcome you at our Herbal Balls massage sessions (Massage with hot balls of Thai medicinal plants).
They are extremely beneficial for releasing muscle contractions and for therapeutic purposes for various musculoskeletal disorders.


Aromatherapy is based on a range of essential oils and is customized for each individual disorder. It is free of charge and it is included in all the massage packages offered.


Royal Thai School and Spa - Elena Nastaca

VWe are at your disposal with a set of dedicated services for your relaxation and health. It includes Thai Royal therapeutic massage , Thai Foot Reflexology, Thai Massage for Pregnant Women, Aromatherapy, Yoga Classes and Thai Royal Massage Courses accredited internationally, affiliated with the TMC School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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