Home-made facial massage and personalized creams course – Level 1

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Do you want to keep your own beauty under control or do you work in beauty and you want to approach beauty from a more natural and personalized perspective for each client? We invite you to an authentic course in which you will learn to make your own home-made creams from organic ingredients, personalized creams according to the needs of your skin or your clients. You will also learn facial massage and facial self-massage, so that you can maintain your beauty in a non-invasive and natural way.

The course day will be structured in 2 parts as follows:

  1. In the first part of the day you will learn:

– How to begin your own creams and types of oils according to the need of your skin.

– The beneficial effects of the oils on the skin

– How and what influences the skin texture 

– How plants are used in cosmetics

– How to prevent dryness and cracked hands and lips;

– You will learn about emulsifiers, fats, basic oils and essential oils.

– You will learn about the tools needed to design a cream, protocols and recipes.

  1. In the second part of the day you will learn about:

– The facial lines diagram and the method of applying the massage.

– Correlation of the areas on the face with the organs, and how we interpret them.

– manual facelift methods.

– facial self-massage methods.

– The teacher will demonstrate then the students will practice both on each other and on themselves (for the self-massage part).

– The second part of the day will be 80% of the time dedicated to practice.

We will provide the course support, the ingredients for designing the creams, the protocol during the meals, water and tea, as well as the necessary uniform and towels.

The course is done in collaboration with Diana Elena Moise – plant geneticist and shaman, recognized for her experience in working with plants in various therapies, the author of the book Plants and Emotions, fascinating connections.

The duration of the course is 1 day (6.5 hours, plus 1hour lunch break)

Home-made facial massage and personalized creams course – Level 1

500 lei 

Advance 100 lei 

Course Schedule

February 26, 2022

Course registration conditions

Medical certificate from the family physician with the mention Fit for Thai Massage Course.


Registrations can be made only at elena.nastaca@gmail.com, where you have to send a copy of your ID card, your phone number and the date of the course you want to attend. For further details and for any questions, call 0761683836.The course registration is conditioned by a 20% advance payment. The rest will be paid on the first course day.


Those who want to come to this course from

  • Cluj – the flight round-trip Cluj-Timisoara price from 167 lei.
  • Bucharest – the flight round-trip Bucharest-Timisoara price from 91 lei
  • Constanta – the flight round-trip Constanta-Timisoara price from 304 lei – Iasi the flight round-trip Iasi-Timisoara price from 174 lei

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February 26, 2022

Home-made facial massage and personalized creams course – Level 1