Home-Made Level 2 cream course and therapeutic facial massage

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Home-made Level 2 cream course and therapeutic facial massage.

This course brings more information for those who are passionate about handmade creams or any other product made in small and controlled quantities, with quality ingredients, as well as therapeutic information for the purpose of facial rejuvenation through acupressure and facial yoga techniques.

What will we do during this course?

In the first part of the course, which will be coordinated by Doctor Diana Moise Genetic Engineer in Plants, we will learn:

– how to make a handmade cream,

– how to prepare our skin so that it better absorbs the active ingredients from the creams prepared by us, creating handmade scrubs

-how to make our own plant extracts diffused in oils according to the therapeutic needs of the skin

-how to make a cream with the plants we choose

-how to make anti-inflammatory gels

-how to make a mask and peeling with plant powders for certain skin conditions

Surprise: We will also make a solid perfume or a lip balm

Also, in the second part of the day, which will be coordinated by Professor Therapist Elena Nastaca we will learn:

-facial yoga and facial self-massage for therapeutic purposes

-Deepening the reflexogenic points of the face for therapeutic purposes for various ailments

-Facial and cervical therapeutic massage – to maintain youth, skin elasticity, but also for migraines and anxiety

-In this course you learn natural and non-invasive methods of maintaining facial beauty and youth, inspired by the Asians eternally young experience in beauty.

Home-made Level 2 cream course and therapeutic facial massage.

580 Lei

Advance 100 Lei

Course Schedule

The course takes 6 hours, from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm, with 1 hour lunch break.

Conditions for course registration

Medical certificate from the family physician with the mention Fit for Thai Massage Course

This course is open to those who have previously completed the Home-made facial massage and personalized creams course – Level 1


Registrations can be made only at elena.nastaca@gmail.com, where you have to send a copy of your ID card, your phone number and the date of the course you want to attend. For further details and for any questions, call 0761683836.

The course registration is conditioned by a 100 lei advance payment. The rest will be paid on the first course day. .


Those who want to come to this course from

  • Cluj the flight round-trip Cluj-Timisoara price from 167 lei.
  • Bucharest – the flight round-trip Bucharest-Timisoara price from 91 lei
  • Constanta – the flight round-trip Constanta-Timisoara price from 304 lei
  • Iasi the flight round-trip Iasi-Timisoara price from 174 lei

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February 27, 2022

Home-Made Level 2 cream course and therapeutic facial massage