Thai Thearapies

Therapeutic and relaxing Thai Massage with real benefits for the entire body.

Thai Therapy For Athletes

This type of massage is beneficial to increase the body mobility (it is also called Yoga for lazy people).

Thai Prenetal THerapy 

Massage for relaxing and releasing tensions that appear during pregnancy. 

Thai Relaxation Therapy

Massage with vibration and sound, ideal for releasing muscle contractions and relaxing.


Massage for muscle relaxation.


Thai Foot Reflexology

Massage for detoxification and full body relaxation.

All massages are done in Royal Thai Style

All clients have traditional Thai clothes assured

All our masseurs are accredited by TMC from Chiang Mai, Thailanda.

The Royal Thai School and Spa - Elena Nastaca is affiliated with Massage School Thai TMC , Chiang Mai, Thailanda; school that was awarded "The best school of Royal Thai Massage" by the Royal Family of Thailand.

We Are  Royal Thai Massage School  Elena Nastaca

We invested in opening a new Royal Thai Massage Studio, more spacious, better equipped and more beautiful, in order to be able to offer you a  relaxing and pampering experience with us.

We welcome you to make a reservation for a Thai Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, Thai Royal Massage for Pregnant women, Facial Massage, Tok Sen Massage or an Herbal Ball Massage session, all done in the Royal That stile and in an authentic Asian atmosphere.

  • Experts in Herbal Balls Massage, with authentic products from Thailand
  • Experts in Tok Sen Massage , massage with vibrations and sounds, very loved in Asia.
  • Exerts in Royal Thai Therapeutic Massage for you to heal your body, both physical and energetic.

Spa Center

Why US?

We have experience in Royal Thai Massage

Healing and relaxation are our main focus

We make you healthier




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