Thai Relaxation for athletes

This type of massage is beneficial to increase the body mobility (it is also called Yoga for lazy people).

The massage focuses specifically on the application of various stretching positions to increase mobility in the desired areas and to strengthen the muscles.

Duration: 2h

Price: 265 lei

The holistic benefits of the Royal Thai Massage

The Thai massage helps maintain the health and wellbeing of the recipient of the massage. It is an ancient tool used to fight against common diseases, increase the efficiency of body movements and help the physiological systems. The Thai massage also results in longevity, due to both the strengthening of the body's immune system and the balanced vital energy.

The Thai massage techniques prepare the body to heal the tension wounds that occur in patients who spend too much time in one position, it  heals muscle weakness, headaches, dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), constipation, indigestion, stress, as well as other medical conditions.

The Thai massage helps relieve pain, cure sprains, inflammation of the muscles, of the tendons, of the joints, and it also reduces joint stiffness, increases muscle strength and improves mobility.

Thai massage is used as a means of stimulating paralyzed muscles, helping to improve circulation, organ functions and maintain muscle strength. It has also been effectively applied in rehabilitating disabled children, such as the Bangkok Center for Children with Disabilities. The center trains the parents of children with disabilities to offer Thai Massage to children. The ability of children to perform individual daily tasks improves quickly with the application of the Thai Massage. This is due to the therapeutic effects of human touch combined with the effect of the massage on vital energy. Some children are able to stand up and some even to feed themselves, after they have been continually receiving Thai massage.

Benefits for the Five Physiological Systems

The circulation system: It improves blood circulation, lower heart rate, it increases the temperature of the massaged area, it increases the lymph circulation, it reduces edema (swelling).

The musculoskeletal system: it improves the muscle strength and efficiency, it reduces muscle tension, it removes toxins from the muscle mass, it relaxes tendons and improves elasticity, it increases mobility and flexibility of the joints and it  reduces rigidity.

The nervous system: It stimulates and improves the activity of both the nerves and sensations with pain reduction effects, it increases skin sensitivity, and it improves the functions of the internal organs such as the stomach, the intestine, etc.

The respiratory system: It improves both the depth of breathing and the degree of relaxation.

The digestive system: It increases both the elasticity of the digestive tract and the intestinal movement, it prevents and relieves indigestion.