• Thai Prenatal Therapy – 1,5 h
  • Complete Thai Prenatal Therapy (Thai therapy 1.5 h and 30 min Reflexology for swollen feet) – 2 h


Massage for relaxing and releasing muscle tensions that appear during pregnancy.

Beneficiile masajului prenatal

Studiile arată că masajul prenatal efectuat în timpul sarcinii poate:
  • Reduce anxietatea,
  • Diminua simptomele depresiei,
  • Ameliora durerile musculare și durerile articulare și
  • Îmbunătăți rezultatele și sănătatea nou-născutului.
  • Scade nivelul de cortisol
  • Un studiu al lui Field et al (2009) a arătat ca masajul prenatal poate diminua nașterea prematură și depresia postpartum.
  • Într-un studiu al durerilor de travaliu, femeile care au primit terapie prin masaj au prezentat dureri semnificativ mai mici, iar travaliul lor au fost, în medie, cu 3 h mai scurt, și au avut o necesitate mai mică de medicație
  • Studiile efectuate în ultimii 10 ani au arătat că nivelurile hormonale asociate cu relaxarea și stresul sunt modificate semnificativ, ceea ce duce la reglarea dispoziției și îmbunătățirea sănătății cardiovasculare, când terapia cu masaj a fost introdusă în îngrijirea prenatală a femeilor.
    Hormonii cum ar fi norepinefrina și cortizolul (hormonii de stres) au fost reduși, iar nivelele de dopamină și serotonină au fost crescute la femeile care au primit masaje bi-săptămânale doar pe duarata a cinci săptămâni ceea ce a dus la scăderea complicațiilor în timpul sarcinii si mai mai puține cazuri de complicații a nou-născutilor, precum ar fi greutatea scăzută la naștere.
    Dovezile clare care evidențiază ca beneficiile relaxării duc la o mai bună  sănătatea a mămicii și a  nou-născutului , fac ca masajul terapeutic sa fie încorporat în îngrijirea prenatală regulată.

The holistic benefits of the Royal Thai Massage

The Thai massage helps maintain the health and wellbeing of the recipient of the massage. It is an ancient tool used to fight against common diseases, increase the efficiency of body movements and help the physiological systems. The Thai massage also results in longevity, due to both the strengthening of the body's immune system and the balanced vital energy.

The Thai massage techniques prepare the body to heal the tension wounds that occur in patients who spend too much time in one position, it  heals muscle weakness, headaches, dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), constipation, indigestion, stress, as well as other medical conditions.

The Thai massage helps relieve pain, cure sprains, inflammation of the muscles, of the tendons, of the joints, and it also reduces joint stiffness, increases muscle strength and improves mobility.

Thai massage is used as a means of stimulating paralyzed muscles, helping to improve circulation, organ functions and maintain muscle strength. It has also been effectively applied in rehabilitating disabled children, such as the Bangkok Center for Children with Disabilities. The center trains the parents of children with disabilities to offer Thai Massage to children. The ability of children to perform individual daily tasks improves quickly with the application of the Thai Massage. This is due to the therapeutic effects of human touch combined with the effect of the massage on vital energy. Some children are able to stand up and some even to feed themselves, after they have been continually receiving Thai massage.

Benefits for the Five Physiological Systems

The circulation system: It improves blood circulation, lower heart rate, it increases the temperature of the massaged area, it increases the lymph circulation, it reduces edema (swelling).

The musculoskeletal system: it improves the muscle strength and efficiency, it reduces muscle tension, it removes toxins from the muscle mass, it relaxes tendons and improves elasticity, it increases mobility and flexibility of the joints and it  reduces rigidity.

The nervous system: It stimulates and improves the activity of both the nerves and sensations with pain reduction effects, it increases skin sensitivity, and it improves the functions of the internal organs such as the stomach, the intestine, etc.

The respiratory system: It improves both the depth of breathing and the degree of relaxation.

The digestive system: It increases both the elasticity of the digestive tract and the intestinal movement, it prevents and relieves indigestion.

All the therapies have combinations of techniques: acupressure on muscles, fascia, energy meridians, Sen Sib lines and trigger points, combined with stretching, elongation, TokSen technique, Herbal Balls and stimulation reflex points in the sole, palm, spine, ears and head .

The therapist will choose the combination of techniques needed to work on the client’s needs.

The therapist will follow the therapy protocols of the international schools TMC Chiang Mai and NGO School in Thailand, as well as those of the monk therapists from over 30 temples in Thailand.


Our center is the only one in Romania that respects 100% the Assian Thai therapy protocols of the most famous education and recovery centers in Thailand.

Between each appointment we observe the interval of 30 min break in the therapy room so as not to rush the patients between therapies, so as not to overlap the patients between therapies, for them not to queue, and to disinfect the therapy room and also clean it at the energy level.

Punctuality is our strength. We respect the time of our patients. You will always know at what time the therapy will begin and when it will end. No downtime.

The environment is pleasant and soothing. Each therapy room is individual with a minimum area of ​​30 square meters. Thus, we can provide you comfort, privacy, discretion and an oasis of authentic Asian peace.

You won’t have to bring anything from home. Our therapies are performed dressed, and because we care about your hygiene and comfort, we provide you with the uniform specific to Thai therapy and the necessary towels. All are washed and disinfected at 140 degrees after each use.

The environment in which the therapy takes place is important for your relaxation. Therefore, we offer free aromatherapy, melotherapy and herbal teas during each therapy.


Duration of Thai Therapies Price List
1 hours (60 min) 165 Lei
1.5 hours (90 min) 220 Lei
Proffesor tax (if therapy is performed by a TMC licensed proffesor)  100 Lei

More Relaxed, Better price!

  • 5% discount for 5 Thai Therapies subscriptions. The duration of the Thai therapies to be purchased will be specified. The subscription will be valid for 6 weeks from the moment of purchasing the subscription.
  • 10% discount for subscriptions for 10 sessions of Thai Reflexology. The subscription will be valid for 30 days from the moment of purchasing the subscription.